Ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs) are a diverse class of compounds containing antibiotics and other important therapeutical drugs. These peptides undergo complex modifications post-translation, and can be very difficult to identify.

This atlas is a database of hypothetical RiPPS produced by Lee et al., 2021 . Use this database to quickly find potential antibiotics for discovery or to compare your own findings.

The hypoNPAtlas webserver currently includes hypothetical RiPPs from 22,671 complete microbial genomes from RefSeq. Users can select specific strains / taxonomic clades and download the corresponding BGC, ORF, core and molecular structure data. Additionally, the hypoNPAtlas webserver supports the processing of input genomic data from users. The fragmentation of all the molecular structures are prepossessed and available from the server, and the users can retrieve a token string corresponding to their genome of interest, which can be searched against mass spectral datasets using Dereplicator+ from the GNPS infrastructure. This design strategy provides two benefits: (i) by using preprocessed fragmentation graphs instead of molecular structures in SMILES format, Dereplicator+ search will be orders of magnitude faster (ii) using a token string (rather than downloading and uploading preprocessed fragmentation graphs) facilitates the interaction between hypoNPAtlas (responsible for genome mining) and the GNPS infrastructure (responsible for mass spectral search).

Detailed manual here .

The pipeline for novel RiPP discovery by hypoNPAtlas.